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    Custom Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials

    Darryl Atkins in Action

    "Being a professional motorcycle racer is extremely nerve racking, which makes it hard to get a good nights sleep. Ever since I started taking SleepPrescription, I would get that important night sleep before the race."
    -Darryl Atkins
    (Runner up AMA Supermoto Unlimited Champion)

    " I have been in bodybuilding for the last 27 years and have taken supplements to help me maximize the benefit of training. One of the most important parts of bodybuilding is the sleep phase; this is where the muscles actually repair themselves. I was having problems sleeping lately because of some added stress I have been experiencing. I was looking for a natural alternative in helping me sleep, and a friend of mine gave me some samples of sleep prescription. I took sleep prescription when I got home and found myself fast asleep in no time. I slept a solid 9 hours and felt so good the next day. I am glad that I have found a natural alternative helping me fall asleep. Thanks for your product. It is terrific!!!"
    -Alan Mack

    "I have taken prescription sleeping pills in the past and suffered a lot of adverse side effects. After taking sleep prescription I was amazed at how well I slept and there were NO side effects whatsoever.I woke up clear headed and alert. It doesn't make you sleep longer, just better. I have never felt so rested and calm the whole day through. Having a good nights sleep affects your whole day and your level of productivity. I love that it's all natural and I'm not putting toxins in my body."
    -Charlene Harris - USA

    "After terrible nightmares from RX Sleeping Pills, I tried Sleep Prescription and felt great in the morning, No more bad dreams."
    -Christopher Bloom - California

    "Sleep Prescription has helped me gain a full nights rest many times including when I have had a lot of caffeine with a late dinner. Thank you so much for this wonderful sleep aid!"
    -Colby D.

    "I have tried all sorts of medications that are supposed to help you sleep and the problem with most herbal suppliments is that they make you slightly sleepy but are not powerfull enough and do not last all night. Medications such as Ambien and Lunesta make you sleep all night and into the next day also,this is worse that not sleeping."

    "Over the counter medications give terrible hangovers and very foggy mornings."

    "Sleep Prescription actually puts you to sleep and works all night long AND you wake up feeling great."

    Good Night Sleep

    " This product is better than anything I have ever tried so far the benefits are worth every penny."
    -Jammie P. - Idaho

    "I usually suffer from bouts of restless sleep but when I take Sleep Prescription I can be sure of a good night of rest. I have used Sleep Prescription a number of times and on each occasion I have found it to be very effective providing me with a very deep sleep."
    -Jordan - USA

    "This is wonderful! I can sleep better and wake up without the drowsiness even if I only get four hours of sleep. I feel so calm when I fall asleep like all my anxieties have been lifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
    -Jennifer D. - USA